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Stacking Pop Ups Pattern


Lacy Poinsettia Lattice Runner


Confident Beginner

Contains: Instructions Only. Springs sold separately.

Makes All Five Sizes!

Five fun sizes for all your storage needs!  Pop-Ups collapse for easy storage.  This pattern uses two coordinating fabrics and a different construction method than the Fat Quarter Pop Up.  All raw seams are hidden.  Ties or elastic are used to hold the pop-up closed.

Hardware Sold Separately

Compatible Refill Springs:

FQG131 Mini Pop-Up Refill - 3" Diameter

FQG121 Small Pop-Up Refill - 5.5" Diameter

FQG123 Medium Pop-Up Refill - 8" Diameter

FQG124 Large Pop-Up Refill - 10.5" Diameter

FQG125 Extra Large Pop-Up Refill - 14" Diameter

Note: XL sides are pieced because they are wider than 40"

Recommended Stabilizer: SF101 Shapeflex Fusible by Pellon

Apply stabilizer to fabric BEFORE cutting down to the final

dimensions for the sides.  Fusible stabilizer tends to cause shrinkage.

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Companion Items
set of 3 pop ups refills, one medium, one large and one extra large in retail packaging

Stacking Pop Up Refills


extra large 14 inch pop up refill in retail packaging

XL Pop Up Spring Refill


large 10.5 inch pop up refill in retail packaging

Large Pop Up Refill


medium 8 inch pop up refill in retail packaging

Medium Pop Up Spring Refill


four mini pops made from cotton fabric sitting in a row with a quilt in the background

Mini Pop Up Pattern & Hardware


small 5.5 inch pop up refill in retail packaging

Small Pop Up Spring Refill


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